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Coaching Consultation

I work with leaders from emerging talent to the C-Suite to help them become more influential and impactful. I use my superpower of illumination to help leaders shine their inner light and become the leaders they were born to be. I coach from experience, not just theory.  I have been there, done that, and literally wrote a book about it. I’m very spiritually grounded and believe that each of us was given a purpose before being born into this world.  That purpose is for others, not for us. 

I believe that the world needs illuminating and it only happens when people like you and me are walking in our purpose, and shining our lights to create positive change for others.  I believe in tough love which means I won’t allow you to nestle in your comfort zone or have a pity party.  You will always get honest feedback, and purposeful direction.  After all, the world is waiting on you to show up, and I take that very seriously!   


Crystal is indeed heaven sent. As my mentor and coach, her guidance has been instrumental in my advancement through my career. She has always been available for any questions I have and truly leads through serving. She's become such an intricate part of my journey, and I will forever sing her praises from the mountaintops!

CEO & Founder
Digital Brand Strategist | Publicist

“I had the pleasure of working 10+ years with Crystal. Crystal established a partnership early on in our relationship. Her leadership in the area of procurement helped make me a better negotiator, ask the right questions to get exactly what I needed for our team. What I love about her is her helpfulness and generosity through every situation. She has amazing knowledge in her space and doesn’t shy away from teaching others. I always felt Crystal to be a business partner willing to help my business to be better.”

Tracey Morrison
Talent Services Partner – Immunology PVU

When I first met Ms. Crystal it was through an event to help young girls. After she heard my story she came up to me and said “I have to sit down with you, I have to know more about you.” I will never forget the love & hope that shined through her eyes when we first spoke. Fast forward a couple weeks, Ms. Crystal brought me to her amazing place of business Porsche Cars and we had a great lunch. Ms. Crystal has been such a light in my life and even though we just met, has already opened doors for me. I thank God for such an inspiring, intelligent, and warm-hearted mentor to help guide me & give me the tools to become the best version of myself. I'm excited to see what the future has to offer for me & I’m so blessed to have Ms. Crystal there cheering me on all the way through. Thank you Ms. Crystal for all you do, you are appreciated!

– Chanel S. “Beauty Therapist”

"Crystal Khalil, through the Khalil Experience, fosters an environment of unconditional support and genuine peer mentorship. Often revealing itself a leadership group therapy, Crystal Khalil and the Khalil Experience also positions leaders to motivate and equip each other as well as others to level up personally and professionally."

– Bridget Roberts (Owner | Draw Bridge Multimedia and The PLUG Productions LLC)

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