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The most successful people in this world are also the best networkers. If you want to move past stuck, propel your career forward ten times faster, multiply your income, and achieve the success you have worked so hard for, then networking is the answer you have been looking for.
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I’m a certified executive and life coach passionate about illuminating people’s lives, careers, relationships, and business performance. My style of coaching brings in my proven leadership in corporate America navigating from first generation college student to the first African American executive at the world’s largest, global sports car manufacturer. Together, we will create a strategic, powerful plan for you to stand in your true greatness, push past your limitations and to get into action toward aligning with your unique purpose.
Speaking / Workshops
Are you ready for the Khalil Experience? Whether in workshops, keynote speeches, seminars or panel discussions, I have a unique, warm and engaging style with live audiences. I often speak on stages both large and small including for conferences, company-wide meetings and department off-sites. My presentations are particularly appropriate for women, emerging talent/leadership development programs, procurement forums, academic institutions, and affinity groups.
Sister Diamonds
At Sister Diamonds, Inc. we use our inner light, human and financial resources to celebrate and illuminate the value of women all over the world. Our company was founded in accordance with God’s purpose to serve our sisters through extraordinary life-changing products, services, and experiences.
The khalil Experience
The Khalil Experience is an online, group mastermind grounded in SERVICE, EXCELLENCE, and HUMILITY. Together we are focused on increasing awareness, pushing through our limitations, and taking the necessary ACTION towards living our best life.
Illuminate is a series of Leadership and personal development mastermind groups that provide an opportunity for influence, exposure, and networking amongst peers and like-minded individuals.

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I’m Crystal Khalil

Welcome to The Khalil Experience

As a result of working with me, people acknowledge their limiting beliefs, push past the terror barrier, and propel forward into their God-given assignment of illuminating their talents and gifts for the world. Service, Humility, and Excellence (SHE) are the cornerstones of The Khalil Experience.  SHE will increase your personal and professional leadership, performance, image, and exposure.   I am most interested in helping those who are purposed to have a greater impact and influence on the lives of others. 

Only a Diamond Can Cut Another Diamond.


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What exactly is The Khalil Experience

The Khalil Experience: Illuminate Life Acceleration Coaching

The Khalil Experience:  Illuminate Life Acceleration Coaching: From Auto-Pilot to Driver; Take Full Control of Your Life to Experience High Speed Success begins with understanding your belief system where your limiting thoughts really comes from, how to reprogram yourself by taking ACTIONS towards walking in your purposes, and attract what you want (including more money, promotions, and increased business).  Here’s what the System gets you to do:

1. Mirror Check

We get CRYSTAL clear where you are in your career and business.  Looking in the mirror helps you become more self-aware.  The rear-view mirror reveals the sources of your limiting beliefs and fears.  The side-view mirrors examine your surroundings.  You will learn to increase your exposure by surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, and people that add value to your life.

2. Safety Check

There is little voice in your head named FEAR that lies to you every day.  It’s job is to keep you safe,; however, it confuses growth as danger.  You will learn to overcome this fear by taking action even when it is uncomfortable and unpopular within your circle.  You will be provided proven techniques to push past fear, procrastination, self-doubt, anxiety and all the negative energy that keeps you stuck in the comfort zone.

3. Apply Brakes

Once you begin to take action towards advancing your career and/or business, the auto-pilot in your belief system will kick-in and recognizes that your actions are no longer matching your core limiting beliefs, the result is self-sabotage.  You might also find that on top of your own limiting beliefs, the people in your circle of influence (family, friends, and co-workers etc…) will begin to project their own limiting thoughts towards you.  You will learn to apply breaks to that negativity and push past the terror barrier of change.

4. Set Your Destination

If you don’t have a clear destination, any road will get you there. Before you can manifest what you want in your life, you have to know where you want to go. Together, we set your navigation system to make sure you have a clear vision for your future.  Intention paves the way for abundance, happiness, success, and cash-flow to find you.

5. Get into Gear

This is where the rubber meets the road.  Once you know better, you have the opportunity, to take the actions necessary, to do better.  Getting into gear involves creating a vision, and actionable SMART goals to drive your purpose forward.

6. Defensive Driving

The process of growth often requires trying and failing over and over again until you achieve the success you desire.  This defensive driving class will give you the tools and knowledge to avoid unnecessary accidents, stay in control of your vehicle, avoid inevitable road blocks, and keep your eyes focused during spin outs.

7. Accelerate

The only difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is the ability to push past the Terror Barrier of growth. You will learn to take the necessary actions, create disciplines and systems, and do it afraid.  By doing so, your courage will increase to set next level goals.  You will begin to own your greatness, walk in your purpose and shine your light to illuminate the world.

8. Destination - Purpose

Consistency and discipline create mastery, which allows you to explore your unique purpose, and charter new territories.  Leadership is critical at this stage.  You will learn to increase your influence and create new leaders by leveraging service, excellence and humility.

9. Victory Lap

You did it! Go YOU! Go YOU! It’s time to do a victory dance to celebrate your big wins, and plan the next steps.  Your confidence will be at full horsepower as you consistently produce results over and over again. In this phase, you will celebrate, exhale, and get back to work creating a new vision for the next level in your life, career and/or business.  After all, true leaders never stop learning and growing!

True Leaders Never Stop Learning and Growing!

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